Transform Your Life with the Power of a Personal Vision Manifesto

Start Fresh With A Proven Process To Create Your Vision Manifesto


If These Sound Familiar,
You're In The Right Place. . .

You’re Unclear What A 
Vision Manifesto Is And 
Why You Need One.

Research shows that there is one simple twist to writing your vision that makes it more powerful and creates an energy shift that builds momentum and even makes you healthier. Learn the exact process (and I’ll give you a template!) to create your manifesto that includes the 5 key areas of life, health, finances, relationships and your spiritual life.

You Struggle To Slow Down And Take Time To Even 

Trying to grow without setting goals is like a ship setting sail without knowing the next port of call. This is a big area where many people just like you are struggling. They just trudge through life, hoping that it will get better. Learn how to identify your vision and why that is important.

You Subconsciously Invest 
in Your Own Limitations.

Do you have a vague sense that things shouldn't be this hard? You may have limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your goals. What you put your energy, time, and focus into is what you achieve. Learn how to transform your beliefs to cast a vision and watch them unfold for you

Valorie Burton Here...

What do you want to see happen in:

Your life?
Your health?
Your finances?
Your relationships?
Your spiritual life?

Sign up for the Vision Manifesto, hosted by me, and we’ll spend some time talking about why this is important to reflect on AND take time to paint a vivid picture of what you want your life to look like.

You see, 10 years ago, I did this process for the first time. And my vision board is in the image below - it’s chock full of visions I wanted to share with you because they have become a reality for me.

I have refined and documented this process over the years and have shared it a few times in challenges like this one. This is now YOUR time to participate in the Vision Board Challenge and create your very own vision board and begin to experience the wonderful results of casting a vision and bring those dreams to life.

See you inside,

Get Ready To Create Your Vision And
Bring Your Dreams To Life!

  • Create Your Vision Manifesto With Valorie
  • A Personal Growth Lesson From Valorie So You Can Replicate The Same Vision Board Framework That Has Helped Her and so many others achieve their biggest life goals!
  • A Virtual Coaching Session With Valorie So You Can Identify And Close the Personal Growth Gaps that get stuck, overwhelmed and keep you from getting to the vision
  • Guided Meditation And Prayer Session

Valorie Burton is a life strategist and international speaker. Her life-changing message has an intriguing research-based emphasis in the pioneering field of applied positive psychology - the study of what happens when things go right with us. 

Her company provides coaching, coach-training and resilience training and has served clients in all 50 states and 20 countries on six continents. Since 1999, she has written 13 books translated into multiple languages, including Let Go Of The Guilt, It's About Time, and Successful Women Think Differently. 

- Best Selling Author and Speaker
- TODAY Show Frequent Guest
- CEO of the Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute

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